Monday, August 8, 2011

Fred Karger Wants To Play, Too!

Fred Karger is like the Little Engine That Could-- no matter how steep that climb to the White House may seem for the gay Republican candidate for President, he just keeps on tryin'.

His latest obstacle is Fox News.  He is trying his damnedest to participate in the Presidential debates being televised on America's "Fair and Balanced" news network, but appears to be black-balled due to the fact that no-one seems to know who he is.  He recently sent out an e-mail celebrating that he met the minimum poll requirements to take part in the debate, but Fox News is invalidating his candidacy, stating that the poll data is from online questionnaires and doesn't really count.

So what recourse does Fred have?  I know!  A petition!

Both Dan Choi and myself have signed this petition asking Fox News to allow Fred Karger to participate in the debate.  Why?  Not because I think he has an icicle's chance in hell of being selected as the GOP candidate for President.  I believe that the more dissenting ideas in the movement there are, the more discussion we have, and the greater chance we have of coming up with real solutions.

Plus, having a queermo gaylord up on stage with Michele Bachmann really tickles my pickle.  So sign!

Click here!

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