Friday, August 5, 2011

For Real, This Time? Please?

One of the great tragedies of gay nerddom is the complete and utter lack of gay characters in Star Trek's entire history.  Sure, there was that lesbionic kiss between Dax and her former lover from a past (male) lifetime, and sure there was that transgender episode where Riker hit it with some androgynous husk-inseminating alien, but it's really about time one of the Red Shirts got rull gay up in the Enterprise.

New Star Trek franchise director J.J. Abrams is making vague promises, now, that he will rectify this situation:

"You know what’s funny? As someone who was never a huge Star Trek fan and I didn’t watch the shows. And my experiences with the movie was the first series and then watching and re-watching some of the movies that I’ve seen. I’m frankly shocked that in the history of Star Trek there have never been gay characters in all the series. In Deep Space Nine and all the Enterprises that that’s never come up."

Come on!  Let's get some hot cottaging up in the turbolifts.  


  1. You've got Torchwood. That's gets pretty gay.

  2. New Spock (Zachary Quinto) would be great gay.