Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amy Winehouse To Release Posthumous Album

After Amy Winehouse's death, I refrained from speculation about how she died and instead lamented that we would never again hear new material from the immensely talented (if troubled) songstress.  Now, we may get (sorta) one last album from the recently passed crooner, as an album detailing her feelings over her divorce is being put together from demos and contributions from her friends.

"A spokesperson for Winehouse's family said: 'Amy always had a notebook on her and would write down lyrics and ideas,' he said. 'People who have heard the new songs say that they are very, very good and that they are as autobiographical as ever.  The period after 2006 was when Amy went through the most emotional upheaval, with Blake going to prison and then their divorce.'

"A source told the Daily Mail that most of the tracks were just demos, where Amy had laid down a backing track and had written some lyrics, and the songs would be completed using Amy's vocals or contributions from friends. It is slated for release next year, with all proceeds going to a charity set up by Amy's father Mitch to help people struggling with addiction. Since her death last week, the album Back to Black has topped the iTunes charts in 17 different countries."

I was lucky enough to see Winehouse live in Philadelphia on my 25th birthday, and am hopeful that this last entry in musical history will do the gifted singer justice.

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