Friday, July 1, 2011

OneAngryAlly: It Just Keeps Getting Worse

This week, the Ohio House of Representatives passed not one, not two, but THREE laws that restrict a woman's right to choose. Additionally, impatient to join the cool-kids club composed of our glorious allies to the north and west (that is, Wisconsin and Indiana), the word is out that state Senator Kris Jordan is poised to introduce a similar bill that would defund Planned Parenthood entirely.

When Kasich says "For Ohio," he doesn't mean ALL Ohio.

The trifecta of these three bills would leave Ohio with the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. The most well-known of these (in the shocking case you didn't follow my extremely nerdy links to the text of the bill), HB-125, is also known as the heartbeat bill. Right off the bat you know that is not a good sign. Through a convoluted reasoning sequence, the bill concludes that "fetal heartbeat has become a key, medical predictor that an unborn human individual will reach vitality and live birth;" and that "cardiac activity begins at a biologically identifiable moment in time," and therefore no abortion shall be performed after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

For those of you playing along at home, a fetal heartbeat can be detected as early as three and a half to five and a half weeks after conception. Honestly, at that point, very few ladies know they're pregnant, and I'd wager even fewer would have arrived at the heart-wrenching conclusion that they need to have an abortion.

The worst part? It's not just our imbecile of a governor who supports this bill. Most of the Representatives quoted in the article are women. Says Republican Kristina Roegner, "There are over 28,000 abortions in Ohio each year. This bill, if passed, would save the vast majority of them. These are all little babies with a beating heart, each one deserving the chance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Give me a break. I'm pretty sure a three-week-old embryo doesn't know the first thing about any of these three, but a struggling young woman? Most certainly. To Ms. Roegner, and other members of the Ohio House, I ask: what would you do if it were you, or your daughter, or your sister or your cousin?

The constitutionality of this amendment is questionable, as it likely undermines Roe v. Wade, so there is a little hope that it won't stand up in court. It also allows practically no room for medical emergencies, which is downright terrifying. Ladies: Grab your uteri and run for the border!

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