Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glenn Beck Is Even More Disgusting Than Usual

Glenn Beck has left Fox News and is floundering about in radioland, but that doesn't stop the Tea Party favorite from being a shocking pig.

The world watched in horror Friday as news broke of a bombing-shooting spree attack in Norway, with anti-Islamic Christian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik claiming responsibility for the deadly and reprehensible mass murder of the 76 victims.

While some are extending their condolences to the families of victims and attempting to stand with Norway in solidarity, perennial douchebag Glenn Beck is taking this opportunity to compare the Utøya campers to Hitler Youth:

"Glenn Beck, the rightwing US broadcaster and Tea Party favourite, has compared those who were massacred on the Norwegian island of Utøya to the Nazi party's youth wing.

"'There was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler youth, or, whatever. I mean, who does a camp for kids that's all about politics. Disturbing,' said Beck on his syndicated radio show."

Not only is this a disgusting attempt to spin and politicize a national tragedy, the Tea Party-aligned Beck would do well to keep his mouth shut on political indoctrination camps.  After all, the Tea Party itself has one, teaching children Ayn Rand's drivel on socioeconomics.  From The Week:

What other principles will Liberty School impart?
"Timeless and incorruptible" ones, gleaned from the organizers' understanding of the Constitution and other writings of the founding fathers. And how will these lessons be taught? Here are some examples:
The gold standard is superior: The camp will have a store where kids can buy things using hard, wrapped candies (representing gold), or a paper currency that will lose its purchasing power throughout the week. "Some of the kids will fall for it," Lukens says. "Others kids will wise up." Max Read at Gawker finds "the idea of a My First Federal Reserve setting monetary policy... rather endearing." But Salon's Alex Pareene is confused: "What will children buy at the 'store' if they already have candy?"
"America is good": The kids will start by sitting quietly in a bare room (Europe), then progress through an obstacle course to a festive party room (the New World), where red, white, and blue confetti will be thrown about. Then the kids will have to clean up the confetti, to teach them that freedom requires work and responsibility. Maybe,says Gawker's Read, but I bet the smart ones "use their hard, wrapped candies to pay other kids to clean up the confetti."
Socialism is bad: The campers will blow bubbles from a communal tub of soapy water, then use squirt guns to shoot other kids' bubbles, tallying the number they pop. Next, they will switch to individual bubble containers, popping their own bubbles, to learn "that you can do a lot more with individual freedom," says Lukens. Huh? says Kirsten Boyd Johnson at Wonkette. Everyone knows "popping other kids' bubbles is way more fun than popping your own."
Dear Glenn Beck: just shut the fuck up already.

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