Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bachmann Blocking Media Questions On Marcus' "Ex-Gay" Extravaganza

With the Iowa primary vote a crucial first step to taking the long road to the White House, you might think alienating the local press wouldn't be a hallmark of your campaign.  Not for Crazy Eyes!

At this point, the news on Marcus Bachmann's counseling practice's policy of advising gays that they can change to straights is well-known, exploding beyond the gay blogosphere and grabbing attention in the mainstream media.  The Bachmann campaign, knowing that this information has the potential to destroy her credibility due to the fact that reparative therapy is a damaging and evil pipe dream, has been attempting to control the rhetoric on her involvement in anti-gay politics.

One Iowa news outlet, the Davenport-based WQAD, pressed the issue to the candidate during a satellite interview.  Not only did Bachmann's handlers cut the live feed for the interview, but the station is now blacklisted to prevent further embarrassment to the Tea Party-backed candidate.

"During the satellite interview, behind the scenes, it got ugly. In the News 8 control room, campaign staffers threatened WQAD producers that they would cut off the feed if Rae Chelle repeated the question. A follow-up question was asked on the issue. The Congresswoman's answers were aired nationally on ABC World News Tonight and Nightline.

"At Sunday's Davenport fundraiser was our first chance to interview Bachmann since the satellite interview incident. All Quad Cities media were invited to attend and promised a one-on-one interview during the evening. While our competitors were accommodated, WQAD was blocked and denied."

Does Crazy Eyes really think that censorship and blocking news outlets can save her record on anti-gay policies?  Here's the thing about pissing off the press: they're the press.  They will print the fucked up shit you do.  Alienating news outlets is not beneficial, it's dumb, because they will tell people exactly what you do, say, or avoid saying.  

The original interview:

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