Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm On My Way

I'm at the airport in Portland waiting to board my first flight.  I will be having lengthy layovers in both Denver and Dallas, and then I will finally board my flight to Joplin and be in Missouri at 9pm.  One of Adam's many loving friends is picking me up at the airport and I have a place to stay tonight, as well as Saturday night.

I don't want to burden any one person in Joplin with my presence overlong, as I am not leaving Missouri til the 23rd.  If you have a couch you would like to offer to a wandering friend of a sick dude, contact me at or on Facebook via the OneAngryQueer fan page or the Friends of Adam Neil Wagner fan page.

Also, we are still trying to recoup the cost of my ticket to get to Adam, so if you would care to make a PayPal donation so my friend who purchased my fare can still pay her goddamn rent, also feel free to contact me at the above email address and I'll tell you how.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible.  We have good news on Adam-- while he is not fully conscious, this morning he opened his eyes and nodded to one of his friends who was visiting him.  I'm praying with just about every step I take that he will wake up soon and that he will still be the doofus that I love and that makes me smile.

Keep him in your prayers.

Adam, I'll be there soon.  Stay strong.

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