Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chris Barron Defends Michele Bachmann On Gay Rights

Chris Barron continues his insane what-the-fuckery today as he has now come out in order to defend Bachmann's record on gay rights and the reparative Therapygate scandal troubling her campaign.

From the Advocate:

"So do you think it’s possible then that she’s been misunderstood and actually does not support reparative therapy?

"I have absolutely no idea. None whatsoever. I’ll be totally honest with you, I think this whole conversation about reparative therapy is just silly season. I don’t believe in reparative therapy. I don’t think many serious people believe in reparative therapy. Also, a sideshow has been created here. We are a country that is in economic ruin. Gay people are living under the Barack Obama economy just like straight people. The situation for gay people when it comes to health care and retirement security and income and jobs hasn’t gotten any better under Barack Obama. And those are the issues that gay conservatives care about and want to discuss in this election."

Honey, please.  Not only are you attempting to muddy the issue on a rabidly anti-gay insane woman running for President, your assertion that Barack Obama is at fault for the failing economy and increasing debt is just plain untrue.  This graphic is circulating showing the expenditures under Bush and under the current administration:

Clearly, the debt and its many consequences were bequeathed from the last president for our current one to handle, Chris.  I thought you were supposed to be smart on fiscal issues?

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