Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Archbishop Of Maryland Says Something Pointless

Since the advent of marriage equality in New York State and Washington DC, the state of Maryland is gearing up for a similar debate that will hopefully bring gay marriage to the thousands of LGBTs living in that state.

LifeSiteNews (an anti-gay online rag that invalidates same-sex marriage by putting the word in quotes) reports that Archbishop Edwin O'Brian isn't so happy about it, and had strong words for the states Catholic governor.

"'Maryland is not New York,' wrote Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of Baltimore in a statement to LifeSiteNews Tuesday. 'During the 2011 session, Maryland lawmakers chose not to redefine marriage because they listened to their Maryland constituents and stood by their deeply-held moral convictions.'

"A Maryland same-sex 'marriage' bill passed the State senate in February, but it failed in the House of Delegates in March. At that time, Gov. O’Malley had promised to sign the bill if the House had approved it.

"But he has now pledged to step up his efforts following the example of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a fellow nominal Catholic. 'There are times in Annapolis when a governor’s support can move an issue over the goal line,' O’Malley said Friday."

I lived in Baltimore when O'Malley ran for governor, and I have to say I'm a fan.  Congrats to O'Malley for standing up for civil rights.  Also: Edwin O'Brian might be disappointed.  Baltimore has a thriving gay population, not to mention its proximity to Washington DC, one of the great gay meccas in our country.  

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