Monday, July 11, 2011

The Ever-Classy NOM Hands Out Tombstone Awards To Pro-Marriage Senators

National Organization for Marriage is still really butt-hurt about the vote in New York that resulted in marriage equality for all its residents and they're making their ire known in one of the more foolish ways I've seen.  Watch out, pro-equality GOP Senators, cuz NOM is gunning for your jobs: they've started pushing a popular right-winger radio's shows "Tombstone Award" in response to four GOP Senators' vote for equality.

Doc Holliday's Tea Party issues the award weekly to designate which "actions, words, or deeds" need to be put six feet underground.  That's how the award was featured on NOM's blog.

"These four New York state senators, Jim Alesi, Roy McDonald, Steve Saland, and Mark Grisanti provided the margin of passage for the new same-sex marriage law in the state of New York. These modern day Benedict Arnold's [sic] were the four Republican votes needed to make this law pass. Their votes in Albany were completely different from the way they campaigned during their election posturing.

"Tea Party patriots around the country, beware of RINO Republicans who campaign one way and once they get elected vote the opposite way. It doesn't matter what you think of the subject of same-sex marriage, the fact is these Republicans campaigned one way and voted another. They betrayed their constituents. These modern day Benedict Arnold's should get primary opponents and be kicked out of office the next election, and their votes in the state senate should be buried six-feet beneath a tombstone."

However, the actual radio show was far more ambiguous, seeming to imply that the actual candidates were the focus of their award, not the vote.  Listen:

So have Doc Holliday and NOM unwittingly sent out a message to voters similar to Sarah Palin's gun sight imagery?  We're not going to be able to tell, exactly, until some asshole actually does up and blow away one of the pro-marriage Senators (God forbid).  However, it's pretty clear to me that gun imagery really doesn't have a place in politics, and these folks need to put their .22s away and start talking like rational human beings.

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