Monday, July 18, 2011

GOProud Signs Onto The Crazytrain

How many anti-gay candidates does GOProud need to endorse?  This is starting to be embarrassing.

A statement from GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia was released today outlining the organization's intention to meet with all the Republican contenders for the nomination.  While they have already met with some of the candidates, they have yet to get face time with Michele Bachmann but are hopeful.

LaSalvia, like Bachmann, earns my admiration because he has really good hair.

LaSalvia hopes to address his organization's legislative agenda with Ol' Crazy Eyes, one item being the intended defeat of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.  Passing an amendment, of course, is a legislative goal that Bachmann has used as a pillar of her career.

"The confab between GOProud and Bachmann is not as unlikely as it might seem at first blush. GOProud's website lists 10 legislative priorities, and only one--the opposition to a federal marriage amendment--concerns gay rights. The other nine focus on issues that could appear on any conservative group's website, such as lower taxes, support for Second Amendment rights and repealing the 2010 health care law.

"While the three-term Minnesota congresswoman has largely confined her basic campaign-trail message to economic issues, her past statements and policy positions regarding gay issues face ongoing scrutiny. As a Minnesota state legislator, Bachmann was a strong opponent of gay marriage, and this month, an advocacy group posted a video of a counselor at a Bachmann family-owned clinic telling a gay patient that he can be 'cured' of homosexuality."

I feel bad for Jimmy, in a sort of limited way.  Think of the crazy that he has to deal with in his own party.  

My concern for GOProud, however, sort of evaporates once Chairman Chris Barron and LaSalvia asserted they would support Bachmann regardless of her anti-gay agenda should she win the nomination:

"In an interview with Politico, GOProud Chairman Christopher Barron said he was 'concerned' and 'troubled' by Bachmann's record and past statements about gay issues, but would not "be part of any 'war against Michele Bachmann.'" GOProud officials generally stress that sending a Republican to the White House trumps a candidate's view on one issue. 'We are committed to defeating Barrack Obama in 2012,' LaSalvia said. 'And want to be helpful to whoever secures the GOP nomination.'"

Le sigh.

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