Monday, July 4, 2011

Gay Soldiers Attacked In Colorado

Two soldiers' Fourth of July won't be nearly as celebratory as the rest of us, as they are recovering from injuries suffered on Saturday night from an anti-gay, slur-filled assault that took place in the wee hours of the morning.

The two men, who chose to be identified as John and Ted (DADT still exists, people), had spent an evening in a local gay bar with a friend of theirs who was go-go dancing.  After the dancer's shift ended, they made an early morning run to local business Albert Taco, where they were accosted by a group of people who first insulted the go-go dancer's attire and then physically assaulted the whole group.

John's statement to the local ABC News affiliate tells an unhappy story:

"'A lot of racial slurs,' John told KRDO. 'A lot of hatred slurs towards like homosexuals.'

"The men said it quickly escalated to physical violence.

"'I ended up getting kicked in the head and in the ribs several times,' John said. 'I have six bruised ribs. And my right eye was completely swollen shut for about nine or 10 hours.'"

The suspects are described as five black males and two black females.  When the suspects are apprehended, the Colorado Springs Police Department plan to level hate-crimes charges against the group.

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