Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Newt Gingrich Thinks The Supreme Court Should Just Go Away

Newt Gingrich stopped off in Iowa this week and got RULL CRAZEEE by providing baseless reasons for a even crazier sentiment: stripping the Supreme Court of its power.


He states the Constitution of the United States does not give the Supreme Court final say in matters constitutional, and that Congress should have the ability to control what cases the highest court in the land are able to hear:

"In the American system, if you read the Constitution correctly — this is why I wrote 'A Nation Like No Other' — if you read the Federalist Papers correctly, the fact is the Congress can pass a law and can limit the Court’s jurisdiction. It’s written directly in the Constitution. The Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton promises, I think it’s Number 78, that the judiciary branch is the weakest of the three branches.

"There is no Supreme Court in the American Constitution. There’s the court which is the Supreme of the judicial branch, but it’s not supreme over the legislative and executive branch. We now have this entire national elite that wants us to believe that any five lawyers are a Constitutional convention. That is profoundly un-American and profoundly wrong."

Yes, Newt.  Article III of the Constitution does indeed state that there is a Supreme Court of the United States.  Furthermore?  While Congress has the power to limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, you can't simply block it from hearing cases you fear won't go your way.  Any fifth grader can tell you that the system of checks and balances is there for a freaking reason, and your sad excuse of an attack on that hallowed document is really not going to get you the Republican nomination.


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  1. I like how he uses the Constitution and the Federalist Papers interchangeably. Right....