Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Worst Garage Sale Ever

You would think that people attempting to sell their shit and make a mint would accept anybody's money, but one Craigslist yard sale announcement is shooting themselves in the foot and e-mailing inquirers that they only want a certain type of people at the garage sale.  Actually, they just don't want certain types of people at their garage sale: Muslims, undocumented immigrants, and gays.

Evidently response was so overwhelming that they felt the need to e-mail querents the following disclaimer:

"additionally, there will be a garage sale this sunday, 17 july 2011 from 11am – 7pm, for the items already pictured in the album and more. photos will continue to be added via the mobile pix facebook album, so please also check there as internet access has already been disconnected in the home and it’s the only way to upload quickly and easily. all are welcome to the moving sale / garage sale except for LGBT people, illegal immigrants, and muslims, anyone else is warmly welcomed! no drama, terrorism, or illegal transactions with non-US citizens / illegal immigrants / people taking jobs away from people who belong and are legal in this country is desired. thanks."

Dumbasses!  Gays don't go to garage sales!  We would only show up if you were calling it an "estate sale" or a "sample sale."  Also, you are douchebags.


  1. Someone needs to burn down her house before she has a chance to sell it.

  2. No, Jean, let's not threaten people with harm/property damage.