Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Geek Shit Wednesday Vol. XVIII

New Mobile Game Designed By X-Men Artist

A new in-depth RPG game is being developed for mobile phones and is being hailed by Wired as "absolutely stunning."  It should look good, as its creator is no stranger to art: Steve Uy, a celebrated artist for the X-Men franchise, is the one making the game.

"Though he has enlisted a programmer and musician, Uy is writing, illustrating and designing the game on his own.

"'This may be a single-man indie game, but it won’t feel like one,' Uy said in an e-mail to  World Without End, Uy says, will take upwards of 15 hours to finish and let players explore several branching storylines.

"Uy is asking for donations on Kickstarter to help him finish the project. He’s hoping to reach $15,000 by late August."

I have to say, its lack of grid-style movement in-game and fresh graphics make this a very appealing game that I'm looking forward to seeing release successfully.

Restrictions On Stem Cell Research Lift

One of the great tragedies in medical research of our age has been the lack of ability for NIH and other institutes to research stem cell treatments that could cure a wide range of ailments ranging from HIV to cancer.  The Obama administration has been attempting to lift restrictions left in place from previous inhabitants of the White House with little success, as a group of researchers working in the field of adult stem cells filed an injunction saying further research would threaten their funding.

The judge in the case, happily, tossed out their objections and stem cells are now fair game for the NIH to study.

"The legal wrangling of the case hinged on two issues: the definition of 'research,' and whether scientists suffer harm based on funding policy decisions. The plaintiffs in the case were researchers who focused on adult stem cells and had seen their NIH grant proposals undergo competitive evaluations, pitted against those from scientists working on embryonic stem cells. With the restrictions on embryonic stem cells lifted, that competition would increase. Thus, they claimed to have suffered harm from the policy change, which gave them grounds to sue. That decision, which may make any funding policy change the subject of future lawsuits, has remained intact in this final ruling.

"Which leaves us with research. The law governing stem cell research prohibits funding 'research in which a human embryo' is subject to harm. The judge in this case, Royce C. Lamberth, read 'research' very broadly, in a manner that would encompass all the preparatory work, including the isolation of stem cells. In contrast, the NIH read the term narrowly, as applying only to the work it was providing funding to."

This is a great thing for science, and I'm looking forward to the results of that research over the next couple decades.

Weird Robot Walks On Water

I'm a firm believer that robots scare the shit outta me, and this thing confirms it:

See that?!  It walks on water.  That's right.  When they're coming to get you you can't escape by boat anymore.  Ugh.  We're fucked.

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