Sunday, March 27, 2011

Landmark Decision Saves Binational Couples

Two United States Citizenship and Immigration Services District Offices have confirmed to the press that they will not deny naturalization requests for married same-sex spouses.

Stop The Deportations clarifies:

"Instead, final decisions on these applications will be held in abeyance, i.e. put on hold.  This historic first seems to be directly linked to the Obama administration's change of position on DOMA announced on February 23.  The DOMA Project welcomes the new and exciting potential this presents for married gay and lesbian couples to obtain legal status and prevent deportations of the foreign partner. However, in this new and rapidly changing legal environment, we urge attorneys and binational couples to proceed with an abundance of caution."

So you can't suddenly fly in your Dutch partner, but it looks like there's hope that someday Klaus will be welcome to immigrate based on your same sex marriage.  Woot!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce MY intended, Boris!  He's married and has a baby, but I don't mind!  Once he meets me, he won't be able to resist me, I know it.  Look at him!  He's adorable.  Plus he's a prince!  The crown prince of Montenegro.  

We're in love.  SRSLY.

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