Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gee, Thanks, Pope!

Jews everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief-- Pope Ratzboner says it's not their fault that Jesus was killed!  Phew!

Hey you guys!  You're still going to hell.

"In the second book in his series Jesus of Nazareth, set for release on March 10, Pope Benedict XVI says that the Jews are not collectively responsible for the death of Jesus Christ, reports the Associated Press.

"Though it is not the first time the Church has made that argument -- in 1965, the Vatican's Nostra Aetate stated that Jesus' death could not be collectively be attributed to either the Jews of the era or those alive today -- scholars believe that the reminder in a more accessible media form could assist in combating modern-day anti-Semitism."

I'm sure all my Jewish friends are REALLY concerned about the Pope's opinion on this.  On behalf of them, I would like to thank Mr. Silly Hat And Prada Shoes for FINALLY forgiving them 2000 years later.



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