Monday, March 7, 2011

Elaine Donnelly Helping Antigay Soldiers Bitch To Congress

This bitch is so dumb.

Who is she?  Who cares, really, she's one of an army of constirpated "politicos" who bitch about the gays-- but specifically Elaine Donnelly heads up the Center for Military Readiness (a conservative organization which wants to keep the military ready to haze homos).  Now, she says, we need to start listening to soldiers about their gripes in relation to DADT.

"It is unfortunate, says Donnelly, that military personnel are not permitted to speak freely about the issue. Consequently, she has created a special area on her website for service members to express their concerns about the new policy.

"'There is a location on the site called "Confidential Contact." Anyone can go there,' she explains. 'There is a place there to indicate military service. We never repeat names and we can convey messages on behalf of anyone on active duty service to anyone in Congress. They can also directly write their own member of Congress, but there are some issues that are bigger than individuals. What is going on right now is something that the full Congress needs to investigate.'"

And she totally isn't going to take advantage of the anonymity to make up stories of our nation's heroes being victimized by militant homosexuals!

Hmmm.  I wonder what she would have said if I had had this option when serving during the war in Iraq-- had I complained about participating in what many felt was an unjust action, do you think she would have happily passed the message along to Congress?  Or would she have told me to shut the fuck up and do my goddamn job???  Hmmm.


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