Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ricky Martin: "Hell's Ambassador" Or Cute Leatherman?

Ricky Martin got all gay up in the shit in Puerto Rico this past weekend, kicking off his "I like to stay home and nurse my gaybies" tour (I lie!  It's called Music Soul and Sex).  Puerto Rico is craaaaaaaaaaaayzee for young Ricardo so you know that San Juan got busy. 

Well, some are crazy FOR and some are just CRAZY.  Wanda Rolon, for instance, picketed his performance and then got on the book of faces to squawk:

"This weekend Puerto Rico receives a man saved and brought from hell to the light, Nicky Cruz, while another one pretends to drag us all to hell. RM [Ricky Martin] has been proclaimed its ambassador (hell's, that is). Puerto Rico wake up, everyone praise the lord. This is the island of the Lamb. Alert God."

Yeah!  Alert him.  Get him on the line.  For instance:  Did he know RICKY MARTIN IS A LEATHER DADDY?!

Look at him!  He would totally fit in at the Cuff in Seattle (ca. 2005, before there were nothing but straight girls going).  Plus, I would probably still be a Seattle Men in Leather member-- Ricky has an appeal that certain other Capitol Hillbilly gaylebrities lack.  You know, certain ones whose names start with T and have a ridiculous haircut and like, five different collared boys fawning around him.  You Seattlites know who I'm talkin' bout.


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