Monday, March 28, 2011

ENDA To Be Reintroduced, No-One Believes It Will Pass

Rep. Barney Frank has stated his intention to reintroduce the trans-inclusive ENDA this week.  Not even Frank (D-MA) has any illusions-- he has admitted that it will most likely not advance in the Boehner-led House.

"But, Frank -- the longest-serving out member of Congress -- says, 'I'm going to be urging people to spend their time talking to those who have voted in the past for ENDA and are supportive of ENDA but where we're not certain they're still with us on the transgender issue.'

"Talking about the bill's movement -- or lack thereof -- in the 111th Congress, Frank says, '[W]e have work still to do and we have overwhelming -- over 90 percent -- support on the Democratic side for ENDA based on sexual orientation and we had, in the last Congress, about 30 Republicans that way. Unfortunately, there's a drop-off from that number to transgender, and this is a chance to work hard to sway those who are committed to ENDA to support the full transgender inclusion as well.'"

It's sad during these financially unstable times come to pass during an "era of change" that we don't have stronger leadership to make something as simple as job security a possibility for sexual minorities in America.


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