Saturday, March 19, 2011

Huffington Post Thinks Bloggers Are "Thrilled" To Starve

TOTALLY saw this coming.

The Newspaper Guild, which includes 26,000 writers, earlier this week urged bloggers to boycott the Huffington Post and quit providing the AOL property with free material.  HuffPo's spokesperson, Mario Ruiz, had this to say:

"'We make a distinction between our newsroom staffers and our group bloggers -- most of whom are not professional writers but come from all walks of life,' he said.

"'The vast majority of our bloggers are thrilled to contribute,' Ruiz continued. 'And we're thrilled to have them.'"

It goes without saying that HuffPo is thrilled to not have to pay thousands of people for their work, however I have to say I am in NO WAY THRILLED that I work for free.  Yeah right!  I'm thrilled to be going on food stamps, guys, just ecstatic!


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