Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grant Storms Admits His Hypocrisy

AHA!  Grant Storms, giving an interview after his arrest following an afternoon masturbathon in a children's park, was "tearful and apologetic" today, admitting "I'm a hypocrite."

"Storms said in a news conference Tuesday that he was not watching the children, but he did have his hand in his pants. He apologized to those he has hurt, and he said he was sorry for targeting Decadence, an annual gay festival in the French Quarter.

"Storms said he is seeking help for a problem with pornography, which he called a recent issue. He also said he is not living at home -- he held the news conference from a motel -- and he asked for the media to respect his privacy."

Holy shitballs-- for once not only does a disgraced conservative apologize for his mistakes, but he acknowledges that harassing a gay Pride celebration was a bad thing.  I mean, he's still a slimeball, but good for him.



  1. Hey! You used my favorite obscenity! Yay.

  2. "Shitballs" has a long and dignified history of use in serious journalism, Wesley, this is no laughing matter.