Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chris Hemsworth: TOO MANY MUSCLES

So I want to say that it's kind of ridiculous some of the posts that get the most widely read.

After my recounting of my arrest in DC and my admission that I was a meth addict, the most-read posts of all time all have to do with eye candy.  That's right!  You folks think that Renato Ferreira is more important than ENDA, and Chris Hemsworth is more important than Teabagger candidates (I might agree with you on that one).

Anyway, I posted back in December a still shot of Chris Hemsworth as Norse God and superhero Thor in his upcoming May movie.  One of my most widely read posts ever.  Perverts.

Now, he says, he gained almost TOO much muscle mass in order to fit the part-- because he no longer fit his costume.


  1. Your post reminds me of Janet Weiss' review of Rocky, "I don't like men with too many muscles."

    Thank goodness Frankenfurter didn't make Rocky for her, but instead for those of us who appreciate such fleshy artwork. :-)

  2. I have no objection to Chris Hemsworth.