Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reintroduction Of ENDA Delayed Due To Lack Of Support

Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) was prepared to bring ENDA to the House today, but the bill can't be formally reintroduced without more co-sponsors.

"During a news conference on Capitol Hill, Frank said the upcoming introduction of ENDA would help educate lawmakers and the public about the bill as he continued to express skepticism that it would advance with Republicans in control of the House.

"'This is a chance to continue — not begin, but continue — a lobbying effort that I am convinced will be successful, frankly, next time the Democrats take back the House of Representatives,' Frank said.

"As it was introduced in the 111th Congress, ENDA would bar job discrimination against LGBT people in most situations in the public and private workforce. According to Frank’s office, job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is legal in 29 states and legal in 38 states on the basis of gender identity."

I really wish that America's policy makers would realize how important non-discrimination in the workplace is for gay Americans.  It seems, in my mind, to be a more realizable goal than achieving the right to marry federally yet somehow it just never seems to work out.  Really?  In a time when having a job and getting paid is intensely crucial, our leaders are hell-bent on preserving the right to fire someone for being gay?  It's sad.

[Washington Blade]

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