Saturday, March 19, 2011

They Just Wouldn't Let Mama Bear Shine

There are a lot of things credited for giving the 2008 presidential election to Miz Barry O ranging from prevailing winds of political change to Obama's magnetism as a charismatic figure in stagnant politics. 

According to Sarah Palin, however, the Repubs didn't win because she wasn't in charge.

"I don’t know why she couldn’t use his proper title, but Palin seems in many ways stuck back in 2008, constantly re-litigating her grievances and sure that if she just tells us that 'candidate Obama' is inexperienced, we will believe her. It’s as if she doesn’t quite grasp that while she was doing reality TV shows, he’s been in the White House.

"Purie didn’t buy this excuse and pushed her, 'You could have been change.

"Palin was quick to fire back with just a tad of that infamous venom, snapping, 'I wasn’t the top of the ticket!'"

Oh good God.  Can you imagine what that campaign would have looked like with HER calling the shots?  Listen, I've experienced psychosis before (don't ask) and I have to tell you:  THIS WOMAN IS DELUSIONAL.


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