Friday, March 4, 2011

What In GD Hell?

The evolution of the modern news source in America is one that continually frustrates me-- the purchase of the NYT by Rupert Murdoch, and was CNN ever really a good news source?  Well, this headline drove me batshit crazy:

Are whites racially oppressed?

Really CNN?  In forums and blog comments, we call BS attention draws like this "trolls."

I'll admit, the article was somewhat interesting, as it detailed a fringe group of crazy people-- when aren't those sorts interesting?  It's like driving by a traffic accident and being unable to turn away.  However, I classify this headline in the same style of fuckery such as inviting hate group leaders like Tony Perkins as "credible experts" on their talking head shows.

The point being of course:  NO, Tony Perkins is not an credible expert, and NO, whites are not fucking racially oppressed.  

Thanks for being a huge media joke, CNN!


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