Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Pissed This Guy Off

After declaring himself a "Vatican Assassin Warlock," strong words came from the nation's warlock community.

Uh huh.

Ladies and gentleman:  Christian Day.

"Day explains, 'I am going to magically bind Mr. Sheen, not to harm him, but to simply prevent him from using this word in such a negative manner in the future.'

"Day continues, 'If Mr. Sheen is open to it, our coven would be willing to perform a cleansing on both him, his home, and his career.'"

I agree!  Sheen seems to need some... cleansing.  At least with a sponge, anyway.

I think Mr. Day needs to be in touch with one of my favorite ladies, Witch Queen Bratara Buzea.  She has a lovely recipe involving cat poop and a dead dog that I'm sure would work wonders for Charlie's complexion.


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