Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trial Watch: Students Testify About Shooting

Today was an emotional day in the courtroom of the Brandon McInerney murder/hate crime trial, with the prosecution calling witnesses to the stand to describe the actual shooting of Lawrence King.

While no motive was given for the shooting during testimony, one female student wept and clung to her mother's hand while describing the scene.

Today's actions were fairly cut-and-dry, with a small twist that might damage the prosecution's case that McInerney was a white supremacist.  The cross-examination for the defense revealed an interesting fact: even though materials on Nazi philosophy were found amongst McInerney's belongings, student witnesses mentioned that the defendant mostly hung out with black student athletes.

Will this actually damage the proposition that he had white supremacist leanings?  I don't know.  I think it's plausible, however, for a young man of his confused background to justify espousing such philosophy while maintaining relationships with minorities.  After all, isn't it a favored meme with religious conservatives to spout, "Some of my best friends are gay!  However, they're still sick, diseased, evil, sinning human beings who should have their rights taken away."

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