Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trial Watch: Prosecution Details King's Injuries, Defense Makes A Big Deal About Nail Polish

The prosecution brought the medical examiner in the Brandon McInerney/Lawrence King murder case to the stand today to detail the injuries received when McInerney shot him in the head.  Although he could not verify which of the two gunshot wounds came first, he was able to determine that the attacker stood at least a foot and a half away from the victim, since there was no gunpowder on the wounds.

"Oxnard student Larry King died from two gunshots to the back of his head, although a Ventura County medical examiner Wednesday morning could not say which shot came first.

"As a second day of testimony got underway in the trial of King's classmate, Brandon McInerney, Chief Examiner Ronald O’Halloran demonstrated to jurors how the bullets penetrated King's skull and entered the back of his head."

The defense made a special point during their cross-examination to make sure the examiner testified that King was wearing finger/toenail polish and had a small moustache.  I have to wonder, is this going to be part of their plan to paint King as the aggressor?  Do they really think they're going to convince anyone that because a teen boy paints his nails he is a sexual predator?  

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