Thursday, July 7, 2011

LA Archbishop Condemns LGBT Education Bill

A bill recently passed the California Assembly mandating that school curricula be amended to include the contributions of LGBT civil rights heroes and is currently sitting on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown, awaiting his signature.  While many hail this bill as an educational measure that will help to stem the tide of bullying-related deaths among gay youth, some are not so happy, claiming that it is yet another attack on the family unit.

Notably, Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez has denounced the law as an intrusion on parental rights, stating:

"'The family is God's first beautiful gift to us,' Gomez writes. 'Because each one of us came into this world as the fruit of a mother and a father's love.'

"'America needs strong families to nurture the values and virtues we need to live as a free and just people.'

"The measure, Gomez said, is a 'dangerous government intrusion into parents' rights.'

"'This amounts to the government rewriting history books based on pressure-group politics. It is also another example of the government interfering with parents' rights to be their children's primary educators.'"

Not only is this a misleading statement, I would like to point out that it is functionally untrue.  This is not "rewriting history books," it's "including shit that actually happened." Plus, if Californian parents truly felt that they were their children's primary educators, they would all homeschool their children.  Here's the difference between the conservative and progressive movements: one relies on obfuscation, misleading statements, and censorship, while the other chooses to promote truth, facts, and clarity of policy.  I don't think I need to point out which is which.

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