Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cain Staffers Quit, Cuz Basically He Sucks

The Herman Cain campaign appears to be heading the way of Newt's own obstacle-ridden run for president, with two key staffers resigning on Friday just days after two others called it quits.

Cain's regional director and New Hampshire state director were joined by the Iowa organizational director and straw poll manager, with Cain's spokesperson attempting to downplay the organizational director's role in Cain's overall presidential bid strategy.

Tina Goff, the staffer in question, cited a lack of Cain's focus on Iowa as the reason for her departure, as CNN reports:

"Goff told CNN that the conservative businessman 'wasn't willing to make the commitment to Iowa necessary to win the [Ames] straw poll.' That contest is seen as an early test of success in Iowa.

"Goff added that she was concerned by the amount of money and time the Cain campaign was committing to that straw poll. However, she declined to discuss specifics.

"'I didn't want it to go this way,' Goff said. 'I'm very sad about it.'"

Break out the lifeboats, kids, cuz this ship's a-sinkin'!  Cain's spokesperson, Communications Director Ellen Carmichael, insisted that Goff was merely junior level and that her assertions about Cain's activities in her state were entirely untrue.  According to her count, the presidential candidate will Iowa 22 times in upcoming weeks and that was more than enough. 

Maybe Herman should stick to making pizza.  Many of the conservatives I've spoken to don't seem to take him any more seriously than I do; at the GOProud mixer I attended in Minneapolis one busty (and tipsy) self-identified Libertarian declared, "We just have him so we can say we have a black person."  Ouch.

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