Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Does Overturning Roe Vs. Wade Have To Do With Creating Jobs, Michele?

Michele Bachmann has very noticeably distinguished her candidacy for President by refusing (on big news outlets anyway) to talk about LGBT issues, justifying her silence on her anti-gay record by insisting that she's running for President and the President should only focus on job creation right now.  In related news, she is a big liar and wouldn't know what the President did if he slapped her in the face with his job description.

Anyway, Crazy Eyes is all about jobs and nothing else, right?  You wouldn't know it from yesterday's GOP candidate's forum in South Carolina.  During the forum, anti-gay activist and Princeton professor Robert George asked Marcus' beard if she would overturn the Supreme Court's decision in Roe Vs. Wade and make abortion completely illegal.  From ThinkProgress:

GEORGE: Would you as president propose to Congress appropriate legislation pursuant to the Fourteenth Amendment to protect human life in all stages and conditions? [...] Given the clear mandate of the Fourteenth Amendment empowering Congress to enforce the guarantee of Equal Protection shouldn’t Congress act on that now?

BACHMANN: Yes, I believe that they should. [...]

GEORGE: And if it meant a confrontation with the Supreme Court are you prepared for that?

BACHMANN: Most assuredly.
What about taking away a woman's reproductive rights creates jobs, Michele?  

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