Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blockbuster New Sarah Palin Book: Gossip Or Biography?

Joe McGinniss, a controversial American writer and novelist who has written New York Times bestsellers since the age of 26, has long been shadowed by accusations of plagiarism and sensationalism, but is returning yet again to the literary scene this year with a controversial topic: the secret life of Sarah Palin.

McGinniss made headlines during the writing of his tell-all, even going so far as to rent a home next door to the Palins, prompting them to put up a tall fence between the properties.

Now, the book is done, and some publications are hailing it as "explosive," as it details several shocking details about the Palins' private lives:
  • Former vice presidential candidate alleged to have snorted cocaine off an oil drum
  • Said to have had night of passion with basketball star
  • Husband Todd said to have dissolved snowmobile firm after discovering affair with business partner
  • Ex-governor of Alaska has yet to announce whether she will run for president next year
I would be more interested in the book if, say, Sarah purchased blow with state money and snorted it off an oil drum during a pipeline grand opening, but this is sure to cause waves within the political community, especially the one surrounding Mama Bear.  Will I read it?  Uh, maybe.  If someone else has a copy I can borrow.

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