Sunday, September 18, 2011

SLDN Celebrates Repeal Without Radical Activists

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network created a short video celebrating the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell by recounting key discussions, landmark court cases, and the efforts of advocates to end DADT on Capitol Hill.

While this video is nice and all, to me it sort of highlights the divides between the gay advocacy and activism movements.  While we both have the same goals, radical activists (the ones who choose to express outrage through civil disobedience) tend to be snubbed by advocates who regard their stunts as childish while activists lean towards viewing Capitol Hill advocates as milquetoast fundraisers who avoid rocking the boat.

Why is Dan Choi-- the most recent and arguably most powerful face of DADT-- absent from this video? While GetEQUAL is thanked at the end of the video, why are they not pictured?  Many may think I'm being whiny, but I believe that DADT was repealed because of efforts both from paid advocates and volunteer activists.  Aubrey Sarvis certainly helped pass repeal, but in order to present a complete picture of the story of repeal these other elements are necessary.  

Whatever.  It's a fine video.  I hope as the movement progresses further in order to afford the same freedoms LGBs are achieving in the military for our transgender comrades in arms, the divide between advocates and activists can be bridged.  I'm not particularly holding my breath, though.

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