Monday, September 26, 2011

Advertising Bigotry

Today in dumb billboards:

This billboard popped up in Toledo Ohio, and is a response to another billboard that appeared earlier this year:

The creator of the hate-y billboard has been receiving "hate mail" from gay and lesbian residents of Toledo and had this to say about the controversy his church has generated:
“I love everyone. There’s nothing on that billboard about hate. ... I’m getting hate mail from lesbian and gay people, but my point is that I love them too much to let someone believe a lie. I love this city too much to let a lie be sown.”
Right.  I have a suggestion for the Rev. Tony Scott: if you loved your town, you'd stop using tithe money to advertise oppression for gay people and put it to use-- say, with a homeless shelter.  That probably wouldn't gain you parishioners or additional tithing, unfortunately, as your billboard likely will.  Nothing says "come to our church!" in Ohio like "We hate gays old-fashioned style!"

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