Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ron "Let The Uninsured Die" Paul's 2008 Campaign Strategist Died Uninsured. Also, Here's A Drunk Guy.

Wolf Blitzer's cornering of Ron Paul on the rights of Americans in regards to health care has now become legendary: he asked, and Ron seemed to agree, whether society should let uninsured sick people just die.  While Ron's position on the matter seemed shocking, what was even more sickening and disappointing was the audience, who shouted "Yes!" and burst into applause.

The incident has had repercussions through the GOP, with a Huntsman staffer exclaiming that the incident made her "sick and sad" for the Republican Party, while Rick Perry admitted himself, after being raked over the coals for a few of his more liberal policies, that he was "taken aback" by the crowd's reaction.  

Ron Paul, who is a medical doctor, took what many feel is a callous stance, stating that it would be up to churches and charities to take care of people who don't have the appropriate insurance to deal with a life threatening illness.  Before he said that, unfortunately, he should have thought back to his own past, when his campaign chairman-- his uninsured campaign chairman-- died of pneumonia complications.  Because he was uninsured, Kent Snyder (who is widely credited with being the man who pushed Ron Paul to run in the first place), left his mother a whopping $400,000 medical bill, leading some to express shock that the campaign didn't have a health plan.
“I can’t believe he didn’t have health insurance,” said one political activist who read about Snyder’s unpaid medical bills in a story published last month in the Wall Street Journal. “I can’t believe that Ron Paul didn’t give him health insurance,” said the activist, who asked not to be identified.
As far as we know, charities have only covered a fraction of the cost of Snyder's hospitalization and subsequent death, leaving the rest to the responsibility of his family.

At least we can say he is consistent, as he didn't lift a finger to financially help the Snyder family.  However, one wonders-- if he's such a fan of private insurance companies, why didn't he have a private health plan for his campaign employees?

In much lighter Ron Paul news, this Paulitician was arrested for drunk driving and spent the whole time shouting "Ron Paul 2012 First Amendment!"  You have to give him this: he knows how to keep idiots on-message.

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