Monday, September 12, 2011

Um, This Happened And It's Kind Of Awesome

Last week, a video went viral, the subject matter being Madonna's hate of hydrangeas.  You see, she accepted the flower in question from a worshipful fan and then was caught immediately afterward foolishly exclaiming her hatred for hydrangeas:

While I don't really care what the Material Girl thinks of hydrangeas, what I find more loathsome is her fake British accent.  Whatever, I digress.

Well, she responded to the incident with a silent video mocking people's uproar over her perceived cattiness:

While this seems another slap in the face to well-meaning fans who love hydrangeas, it mocks the uproar caused by her comments and seems to say:  Get over it.  Some of us hate hydrangeas.

Dear OAQ fans, all two of you: I prefer lilies.  Roses are acceptable as well.

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