Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Protest CNN Doesn't Want You To Know About

A couple Fridays ago I reported on a group which was planning on occupying Wall Street in an effort to draw attention to the fiscal inequalities perpetrated on the American people due to the greed and malfeasance of corporate executives and their agendas.  I wondered at the time if it would be effective, not because it wouldn't be a great idea but because I was unsure that their protest could catch attention in the US.

I wasn't that far off.  We are now in the sixth day of the occupation of Wall Street, with hundreds participating, and there has been little to no coverage of the event in mainstream news outlets.  

Seriously, I Googled the term "Wall Street Occupation" with the words "New York Times," "MSNBC," and "CNN" and all I got was an iReport that has not been vetted nor approved by CNN.  The fact that the New York Times isn't reporting on this protest is bizarre and absurd.  

Until, of course, you consider that the protest is against the corporate interference in American fiscal interests and that the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC are all large, corporate funded news outlets.  

Even more insane is the fact that you couldn't, for a while even e-mail your friends stories about the Wall Street protest if you use Yahoo!.  That's correct.  Their e-mail service was automatically and actively preventing this story from disseminating.  This is nothing short of censorship on the scale of China's news blackout of the Cairo uprising.  They eventually issued an apology and said they would work on the issue, but I'm not convinced this was a mistake.

This is now an arrestable offense in NYC.

People are getting arrested at the protest, of course.  Even though they are peacefully demonstrating as is  their right, protesters were arrested under a statute that is over a century old-- one preventing people from wearing masks.  That's right.  If you appear on Wall Street wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, you run the risk of being arrested.  

ThinkProgress has great coverage of the Wall Street protest, so click on over to monitor.  Event organizers are also requesting food assistance from sympathetic donors, so if you would like to support their efforts, click here.  And if you live in NYC?  Get your ass down there.

UPDATE:  Reader Neska L. points out that CNN HAS in fact covered the story, with a brief video, found below:

Of course, they make snide comments that organizing publication AdBusters is only found in super-granola Whole Foods and the majority of the story seemed to be about the inconvenience the protest is bringing to the thoroughfare.  Of course, this short video falls vastly short of the coverage afforded the Yemen protests on CNN.

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