Saturday, September 17, 2011

Michele Bachmann Isn't Just Dumb, She Makes Bad Jokes Too

Around the 00:30 mark, Bachmann, during her appearance on Leno, tries to explain away the reparative therapy scandal surrounding her Christian counseling clinics by asserting that when asked about it, she misheard "pray the gay away" as "pray the gray away."  Uh, the joke... falls flat.

She also seemed to confuse her beliefs and convictions with a criminal conviction.  Which, in my mind, isn't too far off:
“If you become president — and you seem pretty strident in your views…,” Jay Leno said, before Bachmann interrupted him. 
“Convicted. I’m convicted,” she said. 
“Convicted?” Leno replied. “No, you don’t get convicted until after you’re in office. That’s later. You have to get elected first.”

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  1. I'm pissed too...I'm pissed that the opposing party, the Democrats have no backbone at all. Obama deserves to lose. Then, MAYBE, the Democrats will realize that they have to move back left, on gay issues, on environment, on war, on poverty, on taxing the rich, on dangers of nuclear power, on getting off the oil tit...etc etc