Friday, August 13, 2010

Score One for the First Gay President!

Okay, so in case you didn't know, Abraham Lincoln was a big 'mo.  If you don't believe me, read this highly factual article from the always correct Wikipedia:

[Just Trust Ian On This One]

Anywho, these gay-hating folks think that Abe Lincoln would want you to vote Christian:

Okay, let's take it for granted that the Family Research Council is a bunch of jerktards.  Let's also examine the fact that Tony Perkins, the president of the FRC and the super-facty historian in the video above... has ties to former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke!  Plus is rumored to be getting a divorce!  This guy is waaaaay values-oriented.

Least important, perhaps (cuz who really cares what a dead guy would urge us to do in today's politics) is what Lincoln actually thought:
Lincoln: "The Bible is not my book nor Christianity my profession. I could never give assent to the long, complicated statements of Christian dogma." Lincoln: "My earlier views of the unsoundness of the Christian scheme of salvation and the human origin of the scriptures have become clearer and stronger with advancing years, and I see no reason for thinking I shall ever change them."

I love this guy!  Tony Perkins is my fave COMEDIAN OF THE WEEK!  Cuz he has to be joking... right?

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  1. "...and uses its language throughout the entire speech." What language is that exactly? Hebrew? Greek? King James-era English?