Thursday, October 13, 2011

This Fool Just Doesn't Know When To Stop

Because he hasn't taken enough of a beating from the LGBT community over his anti-gay ridiculousness, failed Senator and Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum suggested Tuesday that gays were at fault for the destruction of the US economy.
In remarks during Tuesday's Bloomberg debate on the economy, Santorum said the economy suffers when the family is in trouble. 
“[T]he biggest problem with poverty in America, and we don't talk about here, because it's an economic discussion – and that is the breakdown of the American family,” said Santorum. 
“You want to look at the poverty rate among families that have two – that have a husband and wife working in them? It's 5 percent today. A family that's headed by one person? It's 30 percent today. We need to do something, we need to talk about economics. The home – the word 'home' in Greek is the basis of the word 'economy.' It is the foundation of our country. We need to have a policy that supports families, that encourages marriage.” 
In the spin room after the debate, Santorum told a small scrum of reporters: “As I said, economy … starts at the home, starts with the family, it is the first economy, and if that economy breaks down the overall economy can't succeed.”
I'm headed down to talk with the 99% at Westlake Park in a few.  I'm sure they'll be VERY interested to hear that my love of manflesh is what is preventing them from getting a job and having a quality, affordable education.  

Also:  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

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  1. I think it's hilarious that we can literally watch Santorum move from one area of Linguistics to another. He started out in semantics with napkins and beer and now he's trying to move onto etymology. Mr. Santorum, please stop defaming linugistics.