Sunday, October 16, 2011

#Occupy Seattle, Pics and Video from 10/15/2011

Hey guys!  I've been busily occupying Westlake Park in solidarity with the excellent folks demonstrating for the 99%.  Thanks to Michael, our own OneAngryCultist, for his continued assistance with news coverage.

I know that OAQ has been all Occupy all the time, and I'm working on getting other coverage up, but my time has been limited by connectivity and battery issues down here at the park.  I will try to get guest writers to put up more coverage, and thank you guys for reading.

If you want to watch our Livestream feed, feel free to click here.  I'm sometimes the broadcaster and you can catch my cute punim answering questions on that stream.

There is a lot of great video circulating, and this clip below are citizens collectively cutting up their bank cards.  I would like to urge patrons of big banks like Bank of America and Chase (horrible institutions who are continuing to rob the 99% of their wealth while laying off employees) to join a credit union.

Andrew Johnson, a fabulous (and adorable) visitor and photographer from Australia has set up a Tumblr for OccupySeattle and has given me permission to put photos up here.  Take a gander.  

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