Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Movement Beset With Overnight Intimidation, Arrests

The #Occupy movement saw some action last night, with threats of arrest in Seattle and actual arrests in Boston taking place late last night, leading movement leaders unsure of how to proceed today.

Seattle had ongoing drama last night, with the Mayor urging protesters to decamp from highly visible Westlake Park and move to City Hall.  This has been ongoing news this week, with city government initially urging protesters to move as other groups had legally obtained permits in order to demonstrate at the park.  Thus far, those groups have not objected to the 99%'s occupation, and instead stood with those demonstrators in solidarity.

That didn't stop City Hall and the SPD from issuing threats of arrest, this time in order to get protesters to move in order to clean the park.

Occupy Seattle is, at this time, refusing to move.  I'm looking forward to seeing if the Westlake campers come up with their own cleaning plan (hint to Westlake campers: come up with your own cleaning plan).

Occupy Boston actually saw arrests last night, with 100 protesters being hauled off in handcuffs and the Mayor's office stating that they agreed with the protesters' aims, but that they can't be allowed to "tie up the city."

Wonkette's Garrett Quinn, who was present at the time of the arrests, writes:
As darkness fell and tension rose the protesters made their defensive preparations. All the tents were moved into a tight circle while a ring of people locking arms lined it. Midnight came and went but there was a growing public safety presence in the area. Multiple ambulances were parked along with a triage setup off of Pearl Street, not exactly a sign of good things to come. Police blocked the on and off ramps to 93 near Seaport Ave and there were rumors flying about riot police here and uniformed police there. 
Then at approximately 1:20 am a large column of riot police marched from outside South Station up Atlantic Avenue ….
Video was taken on-scene which shows the chaotic proceedings, to include what appears to be an attack on Veterans For Peace.  The police reportedly tore down and trampled their flags, to include the American flag.

 Things are starting to come to a head for the 99%.  The question is, will these attempts to control the situation on the part of police and city governments succeed, or will the Occupy movement continue to gain momentum?

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  1. I stopped by this morning and have been down there every evening. They are self cleaning. What parks was doing was taking down signs and throwing away any protest signs that weren't in someone's hands. For this they dispatched 18 bike cops. There was NO resistance by the protesters.