Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jennifer Fox: Update

The past two days Fox has been inundated with requests for interviews, but after the initial round she has decided to cease giving interviews while she accomplishes two things.  First, she is in the process of obtaining a medical report with details that will support her allegation against the Seattle Police Department.  Second, she is busily getting legal representation to represent her in any legal action that will be taken.

At this time, she has chosen to not give further news interviews until she consults a lawyer.  This is a sensitive time for her and she is still physically weak from her ordeal.  However, once medical records are obtained and depending on legal counsel, we will update the world as to the developing story which has alarmed people worldwide.

She has taken other action, however.  The Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) stopped by the Occupy Seattle camp in order to speak to her about her allegations and they took a statement.  She says that a complaint has now been officially filed.

There is a candlelight vigil planned in memorial of Fox's unborn baby planned at 4pm on Saturday.  Supporters will convene at SCCC at that time and then march down to Westlake Park.  More updates as they come.


  1. thanks for the update ian i was just going to message you on facebook but saw your post prays to jennifer that she can heal

  2. thank you for the update.

    Jen, stay strong.

    I have been down a similar path. There is no fixing it. But you can make it. You can still have beauty, love, life, happiness. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    We are waiting.
    The whole world is watching...(your back.)

  3. Please send Jenn a hug for me and collectively from the Occupy Seattle online FB groups. We've got your back, sister.

    - -Ilmarinen Shadowstar

  4. Losing an unborn child is worse than after birth because you never get to love it. Also in this society people don't understand that is is true grief of family lost! (Yes, I had two .. Early so ' no one knew' it was awful.
    Good for you all. She actually is 'ill' too, especially emotionally.

  5. Ian, you REALLY should listen to this. She says she was pregnant with twins, then miscarried one, and one was still alive, etc. etc. This girl is clearly mentally ill. Good grief.


    Listen to what Jennifer says.

    And look at the other police reports esp from August and September.

    Also, as a medical professional I can tell you that no one would have done an ultrasound and told her she was pregnant with twins, then 1 aborted. That's inane.